10 Signs You Are the Middle Child

A pictorial explanation of what life is like as the middle child…

middle child syndrome

#1 – This is the moment you realize you’re the middle child.

middle child syndrome

#2 – You’re often doing your own thing.

funny middle child syndrome

#3 – You have a hard time disguising your resentment.


#4 – You march to the beat of your own drummer.

funny middle child bike

#5 – You often seem to get shortchanged.

funny middle child slide

#6 – And left to your own devices.

cropped middle child

#7 – You frequently get left out altogether.

middle child black sheep

#8 – You go to great lengths to distinguish yourself.

crying middle child

#9 – You feel misunderstood.

middle child baby funny

#10 – Whenever you do something like this to your siblings, you just smilingly shrug and explain, “middle child.”

Sources:; awkwardfamilyphotos

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