10 Ways Babies Resemble Drunk College Students

10 Ways Babies Resemble Drunk College Students


(Not that we know anything about being a drunk college student.  Ahem)

10.  They have no problem passing out in strange places.

9.  Bulk up by indulging in frequent late-night feedings.

8.  Embarrassing lack of coordination.

7.  Often regurgitate/spit up all over you if they drink too much.

Baby-Lifting-Shirt-Funny-MotherHumor6.   Takes little-to-no encouragement to get them to lift up their shirts.

5.  Have problems focusing their eyes.

4.  Able to chug without taking a breath for impressive amount of time.

3.  Responsive to people talking to them like a baby.

2.  Woeful bladder control.

Baby-Milk-Drunk-Funny-MotherHumor1.  Blissfully unaware of people posting pictures of them looking drunk on the Internet.




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