Parents’ Text to Teacher About Kazoo is Hilarious, Teacher’s Response is Even Better

Well-played, educator. Well-played, indeed.

There are many things that strike fear in parents’ hearts. Artwork with glitter, for example. Take-home goo kits. Goldfish won at fairs. And, of course, kazoos — which prompted this hilarious text from a dad (who happened to know the teacher had a great sense of humor):

“While I admit I am unsure of any pain I may have caused, I wish to offer my sincere aplogies for whatever I may have done that caused you to send (our son) home with a kazoo today. I assure we have learned our lesson and promise to be better, more responsible parents in the future.”

…and the teacher gives it right back.

“Thank you for your sincere aplogy! I must warn you that if we have any more issues or problems, the next instrument to come home with (your son) will be a RECORDER! Don’t make me do that!”

Ha! Or, worse yet, a drum set. *GULP*

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