How Life on ‘Orange is the New Black’ is Easier than Life as a Mom


My nights used to end with me collapsing into bed after one too many tequila shots.  Now…?  They end with me collapsing into bed after two exhausting bedtime routines, followed by a binge-watching session of Orange is the New Black.  And with the new season of the show premiering this month, , I can’t help but think…

You know, in some ways, life on Orange is the New Black is easier than life as a mom.

For example:

  1. Meals are not only cooked for you, but they are served to you.
  2. No judgment for wearing elastic waistband pants.
  3. When somebody throws a tantrum, no need to deal with it — just let the guards put them in solitary, er… a time-out.
  4. Actually have a 1 out of 3 chance of getting to pee by yourself with the door closed.
  5. Low expectations in the beauty and grooming department.
  6. Thin bed mattress is more comfortable than floor of baby’s room while trying to soothe teething infant.
  7. Okay, sure, there is still somebody peeing on your floor — but at least it only happens once!

Crazy Eyes

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