The 7 Stages of Pregnancy

From shock to acceptance and hope…

#1 – SHOCK

OMG, am I reading the pregnancy test right? I can’t be reading that right. Is it supposed to be one line or two? It’s two! It’s two! OMG, OMG OMG!

#2 – PAIN

My boobs are sore, my stomach is upset and the smell of my co-worker’s Chinese food is seriously going to make me hurl.


If I just jump up and down, and hold my breath for a moment, I can totally still button my regular jeans. No maternity clothes for me yet!


My friends are going to the bar tonight and I’m in my pajamas by 7:00. Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like? More importantly, do we have any ice cream left?


I have energy! My boobs look amazing! Second trimester rocks!


Googles every symptom and thing that happens to body

Googles ways to kick-start labor

*Googles what other women’s bodies have looked like at same stage of pregnancy”

Googles “bloody show”

Okay, need to stop googling.


This is really happening. I’m becoming a MOM. I can’t wait to meet my baby and see my toes again.


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