27 Disney Photos That Perfectly Capture What It’s Like to Be Pregnant

From unexpected gas to the chaos of labor, Disney gets it.

#1 – When you’ve got morning sickness:

#2 – When you’re trying to act totally normal, but you just peed your pants a little:

#3 – When someone catches you eating all the ice cream in the middle of the night:

#4 – When you step on the scale at your prenatal appointment:

#5 – When you wake up after another restless night:

#8 – When you’re going nuts ’cause you can’t find a baby name:


#9 – When you realize you have no control over your flatulence:

#10 – When you sit down and you can’t get up:

#11 – When the constipation hits you:

#12 – When a stranger asks if they can touch your belly:

#13 – When the pregnancy hormones kick in:

#14 – When you feel your baby kick at the beginning of the second trimester:

#15 – When you don’t feel the baby kick for a while at end of the third trimester:

#16 – When you discover your husband has eaten the last… anything:

#17 – When you’ve grown more body hair than you were expecting:

#18 – When you feel like crap, but still want to show off how big your boobs have gotten:

#19 – When you’re about to do the glucose test:

#20 – When you realize you can’t see your feet anymore:

 #21 – When you wake up sweating in the middle of the night:

 #22 – When you’re waiting… and waiting… for that baby to come out:

#23 – When your partner sees you go into labor:

#24 – And when they’re trying to help get you to the hospital:

#25 – And when they get a peek of the baby crowning:

#26 – When the doctor is telling you to breathe, and your partner is freaking out, and you are in too much pain to comprehend anything:


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